Meet The Team

Virtual Shout has a vibrant team of visionaries and strategic experts. The group are leaders in the development & invention of cutting edge Digital Trends, Multimedia, Interactive PR, Marketing, Branding and Communications.

With years in the global marketplace we retain value in our ability to capture international audiences by respecting the globalization of value systems.

It is a unique “bringing together of disciplines” in the communications, artistic and web fields.

We each tend to go above and beyond the call of duty and exceed expectations because we really care!

The CORE team…

Flash Toomey - Office Mascot, 1 Yr Old Great Dane Pup

Flash Toomey

Office Mascot, 1 Yr Old Great Dane Pup

And the rest of us around the world…

  • Ryszard Beilawski  – Lead Developer
  • Michael Pananga  – WordPress Programming Expert
  • Bogdan Ifrim – Web Developer
  • Srinivasulu Dagumati – Web Developer
  • Slava Iutin – iphone Apps Coder; Creator of the VS CMS
  • Yuri Whirix – Senior Coder
  • Diego Granados – Design/ Development
  • Erica Schmerbeck – Graphic Designer
  • Aaron Sunaryo – Illustrator, Animator
  • Emma Clifton – VFX Editor, Graphic Artist
  • Josiah McGarvie – Videographer/ Editor
  • Gary O’Shea – Videographer/ Editor
  • Aaron McLisky – Videographer/ Editor
  • Rachel Moore – Copywriter/ SEO Content
  • Kate Davidson – Document Copywriter
  • Robert Carr – Set Designer/ Builder
  • Andrea Picanza – Photographer
  • Emilie Ng – Church Comms Consultant
  • Justyna Woszczyna – Designer

For us, it’s not just about delivering what’s required, it’s about going the extra mile and staying on the top … while maintaining our core values.We are comfortable and effective working with large corporates to small entrepreneurial businesses to non-profits.

Hailing from a variety of cultural, age and stage backgrounds also keeps us ahead of the rest in comprehending the nuances of every demographic.

And we won’t just consult and recommend then outsource – – – we’ll deliver!

An investment with Virtual Shout returns years worth of services and deliverables at a price and deliverable timeline of just weeks.