Not-for-Profit Strategic IMC

Transforming Your Campaign with Cross Platform Capacity

Virtual Shout believes that non-profit organisations - i.e. charities, advocacy groups, and church organisations, have the passion and ability to drive change … we just provide the cutting edge means for their voices to be heard and for their work to be seen. All within budget!

We don't want your stories to remain untold.

We're also conscious that you rarely have the time nor skills to be able to handle the ongoing advancements in technology and while you want to be a part of the latest trends, you need a specialist helping hand to access them.

That's where we come in.

What We Do

NFP Services Include:

  • Campaign Conceptualisation
  • Workshop, consultancy and delivery of the key images, branding and identity for the promotional campaign.

    In this process will arrive your internal and external communications plans and messages; your corporate identity and unify your team.

  • Audio-Visual Production
  • Production and design of quality campaign videos (vodcasts) and audio (podcasts) to share via your story, pitch, issues or call to action around the internet (or TV if we can broker some good broadcast deals!)

    Alternatively, we can compose, record and create radio advertisements for you as well - e.g.

  • Corporate Identity
  • We examine your brand equity via extensive surveys and internal sessions if you've been established for a while and consider whether or not it's time for a change. If so, we work on your positioning, key messages, tagline and style guide to make certain your brand is building you immediate recognition and gaining traction.

  • Media Relations
  • We do all your copyrighting, press releases, and train up your staff to be the ideal spokespeople for your venture.


Some Of Our Work…