Michael Conman


Michael curiosity for IT since the years of primary school has allowed him to keep a keen eye on current technologies. This curiosity has enabled him to develop a vast comprehension of modern systems, software’s and computer languages.

Having completed a Diploma of Interactive Digital Media, Michael has acquired skills in Web Development, Graphic Design, Video Production, Animation and Programming. He hopes to further expand these skills by finalising a Bachelor Degree in Multimedia Design at the University of Queensland.

Uniquely, Michael has a fascination for puzzles, which allows him to work through strange or difficult problems with pleasure. In combination with his current awareness of information technologies, he enjoys solving existing and unexpected problems that present a challenge.

The Virtual Shout environment is an enjoyable experience for Michael. Every new client presents him new opportunity for knowledge, skills and abilities while allowing him to use his current skills to their absolute potential.





Personal Motto: “–”