Corporate Events

Do you have an upcoming corporate event that you’re responsible for organising but aren’t sure where to start?

Have a chat with our events team about how we can help you!

The Planning Stage:

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  1. Meet with one of our events team members to scope out all the basic specifications of your event.
  2. We will work with you to find the perfect venue for your event
  3. Once we have a venue finalised, next is the fun (yet often dreaded) stage, STYLING!

Theme Time:

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  1. We pride ourselves on creating truly memorable events and believe that the styling of the event is one of the most important things to focus on to set the right atmosphere for your event
  2. We finalise the theme with yourself and then our team does all the hard and dirty work of tracking down, hiring or creating everything required for your chosen theme, even if it is only a colour theme, every detail count

What about all the rest?

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  1. While you are organising the invitations and guest speakers etc. we will sort out everything else including


  • Finalising the booking of the venue


  • Confirming the menu
  • Confirming food and beverage staff


  • We will organise everything you require for the styling and will be there on the day to set everything up


  • As we are a full events company we can also take care of the entertainment side of it, whether you are just looking for a jazz duo to a full circus themed line up of performers we will handle all the booking of performers
  • We also organise all the audio and visual requirements as well including lighting


  • We also have a team of in house designers who are able to design and create anything for your promotional or marketing needs (even the place holders on the tables)

On The Day:

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  1. Our team arrives to set up all the styling/theming
  1. Our events manager will confirm all food and drinks are prepared and will liaison with the venue staff to ensure event is on ready to go on time
  2. Our contact from your company arrives an hour before to ensure all the set up is as you desired and to greet early guests (there are always a few)

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