Catherine Smibert Toomey

Cath traveled the world perfecting her experiences in strategic, cross-channel communications and marketing following her undergraduate degree in Media and Journalism.


Further studies and experiences as an international correspondent and consultant, now supports the servicing of clients locally and globally.


Over time, she’s developed particular passion and expertise in the not-for-profit sector (e.g. charity, political advocacy or church), as well as the small and SME market place.


Over the past six years, her and her team, which are a blend of Australians and International employees, have delivered 100s of websites on all different topics and business models which do succeed in getting noticed and reaping the return on that awareness building capacity.

Her specialty is integrated online and offline promotional methodologies but she also excels in social media enterprise development and has expertise in Brand Creation and Development.


Personal Motto: “Parables, Parables, Parables! It’s about telling the story at the end of the day … maybe we should learn from the best Brand Maker of all time?”